Classless Leftism Runs Rampant In High School Yearbook

While our nation’s schools purport to be teaching our youth respect for differing opinions, something has clearly gone awry.

An alarming number of young Americans are filled with blind rage regarding our President Donald Trump.  Whether it’s something that their parents have instilled in them, a residual effect of the mainstream media’s lambasting of Trump, or academia’s rampant allowance of leftist, New Fascist tactics, students in America are being brought up with little to no respect for conservative values.

Those young people who are being raised with conservatism in their hearts have found themselves at odds with their colleagues more often than not.  As their orifices are crammed full of obscenities in music, leftist politics on television, and liberal peer pressure from their classmates, we are developing an entire generation who thrive of progressivism.

Along with this baseless need to move to the left, Hollywood in particular has pushed our millennials, and the generation below them, into believing that class can be overruled by crass.  The shock factor is now commanding just as much respect as a well-enunciated argument.  Take one such instance from Minneapolis.

“Just under a month after a Big Lake trap team’s photo was banned from the high school yearbook, another high school yearbook photo is making news.

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“For its 2017 yearbook, Brainerd High School dedicated a page to President Donald Trump.

“Editors asked students their thoughts on the president, and shared the quotes next to their picture.

“On sophomore said, ‘I would like to behead him. I do not like him.’

“The photo has gone viral, sparking controversy on Twitter.”

This is far from the first threat that the President has received since taking office in January, and it’s sure to not be the last.  The disturbing and newsworthy tidbit here is that the school had allowed this to be published in the yearbook.

Is this school sponsored terrorism?  Are these threats meant to provoke a response from the community at large?  Does the academic administration hope that, by allowing this ugly comment to be published, they’ll find themselves in the favor of the liberal overlords?

Whatever the answer to that question, it won’t be satisfactory.

Brainerd High School gets an “F” on their report card.

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