Claim: Deputy AG Rob Rosenstein Threatened to Use Power to Harass Congress

Did Rob Rosenstein threaten to use the powers of the Department of Justice against Congress for exercising Constitutional oversight.

According to reports, Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein demonstrated that the Department of Justice is entrenched in the Deep State by threatening members of the House Intelligence Committee. He said he would subpoena them in retaliation for their request for documents. If this is true, it shows unbelievable arrogance.

Or is it so unbelievable?

Going back to Fast and Furious (at least!) we’ve seen bureaucrats in the federal government get away with refusing to answer Congress. Much of this was blamed on Barack Obama, but the fact is the bureaucrats have gotten used to getting their way, even if they don’t have the backing of the President.

PJ Media reports, “Report: Deputy AG Rosenstein Threatened to Subpoena GOP Intel Reps’ Calls and Texts.

On Fox Business’ “Making Money” Friday, conservative talk show host David Webb said a “highly placed congressional source” told him that during a January 10, 2018, meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Rosenstein, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes were in attendance, Rosenstein got so irritated by the requests for outstanding documents that he threatened to subpoena Congress and launch an investigation.


Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett made the same claim on Fox News Friday night.

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