CIA Pressured FBI to Use FISA against Trump

The Deep State, through their intelligence agencies, pressured FBI leaders to get a criminal investigation started over rumors of Russian collusion.

Sometimes, no matter how important a story is, it drags on so long and is filled with so much misinformation that it is easy to forget essential details. A recent and lengthy analysis reminds us why the FBI was bold enough to misuse the FISA system. Key authority figures pressured FBI leadership to start a criminal investigation aimed at tainting Donald Trump. They wanted Trump prosecuted, so the FBI was needed, rather than relying on intelligence agencies.

The Washington Free Beacon reports, “FBI Counterspies Under Scrutiny Over FISA Abuses.

Angelo Codevilla, an intelligence expert who opposed creation of FISA in 1978 while working as a Senate staff member, said determining the success or failure of the Page surveillance is difficult because the results of the surveillance are secret.

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But Codevilla believes the most likely motivation behind the spying was political. “I believe that Page was the excuse for surveilling the entire Trump operation,” he said.

“Merely surveilling Page was a crime, all right,” Codevilla said. “But it was also wholly useless. Nothing that Page did or failed to do mattered, or would impress anybody. Why go through the trouble to get stuff on him?”

It is possible, Codevilla said, that those who ordered, approved, and carried out the surveillance were simply incompetent, or perhaps were responding to political pressure to “do something” in response to allegations contained in the controversial dossier produced by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who would be exposed as an anti-Trump crusader.

The House memo states that FBI’s counterintelligence chief, Assistant Director Bill Priestap, revealed FBI counterspies had not verified the salacious information in the Steele anti-Trump dossier when the initial FISA warrant was approved in October 2016. That indicates the FBI did not have a solid legal or intelligence basis for seeking surveillance of an American.

What is clear is that the FBI was under pressure from the CIA, the State Department, and Congress to take action in response to the Steele allegations.

Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, one of the more partisan agency leaders, told Congress he pressed the FBI in the summer of 2016 to investigate unspecified contacts between Trump associates and the Russians.

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