CIA Acknowledges the Deep State Media

The deep state media is seen by the existence of journalists who are essentially treated as CIA assets.

If you’re tempted to think that the deep state media is an exaggeration, the CIA’s argument in a recent court case should assure you it is not. The CIA is now arguing that they have the authority to deny FOIA information to journalists even if they have given that same information to other journalists whom they trust.

In other words, the CIA now acknowledges the existence of CIA assets in the media who get access the sensitive information because they will serve CIA interests, while other journalists are denied such access.

Maybe it’s time for a new Church Committee.

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The Daily Caller reports, “CIA Argues The Public Can’t See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters.

The case stems from lawsuit against the CIA by New York-based independent journalist Adam Johnson, who had used FOIA to obtain emails between the agency’s public information office and selected reporters from the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and The New York Times. The emails the CIA provided to Johnson were redacted, leading him to question why he was not allowed to see the same information that had been given to uncleared reporters.

Johnson challenged the redaction in court, arguing that the CIA, once it has selectively disclosed information to uncleared reporters, cannot claim the same information is protected by a FOIA exemption.

The judge in the case appeared to find Johnson’ argument compelling.

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