Church Sued for Firing Homosexual Man – is Your Church Next?

A homosexual man named John Murphy has sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond and his former employers at the Saint Francis Home in Richmond, Virginia for being “wrongfully terminated.” Mr. Murphy claims that he was removed from his job at an assisted living home because he’s a homosexual “married” to a man who has been his partner for some 30 years.

This same story has played out across the country as homosexuals have come forward after the Supreme Court’s recent gay marriage ruling and religious organizations have been forced to either stand by their religious convictions or allow the employees to live in open rebellion to their beliefs. Thus far, churches and other religious organizations have fallen back onto their First Amendment freedom of religion, but the latest round of judicial decisions is wreaking havoc and has given birth to dozens of lawsuits across the nation.

Appropriately a spokesman for the Diocese in Richmond said that, “We expect that a Catholic organization or any religious organization should be able to follow the teachings of our faith. We are saying: This is what we do as Catholics, this is what we expect of our employees because this is what we believe to be true.”

But religious organizations, including the Diocese in Richmond, may have reason for concern because the liberal government tool, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, ruled that the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in hiring based on sexual orientation, there is a religious exemption clause in the law. Sadly, the law only speaks to “hiring” and doesn’t explicitly exempt religious organizations from abiding by the law once a homosexual has been hired.

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Christians across the nation are already being forced to act against their conscience and religious convictions by our government and our legal system; this is simply another avenue of attack for the forces of leftism and immorality. As photographers, bakers, florists, event planners and wedding facilities are forced to either close their doors or engage in what they believe to be immoral behavior, we should expect that churches and their facilities will soon be forced to face the attacks of the liberal gay lobby.

This lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese in Richmond is just the first in what will most certainly be a long line of attacks on the First Amendment and religious freedom in America.

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