Chuck Todd Says Agreeing with the Declaration is Unconstitutional [VIDEO]

Because Roy Moore believes our rights come from God, Chuck Todd says he does not accept the Constitution.

What was Chuck Todd thinking? It sounds like he thinks that the U.S. Constitution mandates atheism.

Roy Moore is obviously merely paraphrasing the Declaration of Independence. Yet Chuck Todd thinks this is some kind of smoking gun to show his viewers. While it’s true that the stuff Roy Moore got in trouble for is related to the proposition that human rights come from our creator, those were still different issues.

The Federalist has a good response under the headline: “MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: Quoting The Declaration Of Independence Is ‘Very Fundamentalist’

The presupposition that human rights descend from God, not governments, is foundational to the entire structure and theory of the United States’ unique form of government. The Declaration of Independence says this explicitly, and the U.S. Constitution relies upon that framework, which goes under the label “natural rights theory.” The descent of our rights from God is key to the American founders’ preference for limited government, because it implies that governments merely recognize and protect specific, pre-existing rights rather than decide which citizens are allowed to have.

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