Chuck Schumer Wants to Change First Amendment to Limit Free Speech

Liberals do not like much of what’s in the Constitution.

It’s too limiting.

The portions they do like, they reinterpret.

How many times have you heard a liberal quote the actual words of the First Amendment when the issue of religion comes up? Mostly we hear that the Constitution requires a “separation between church and state” when the phrase isn’t found anywhere in the Constitution and there is no evidence that the authors of the Constitution separated religion from government.

Someone who opposes abortion or homosexuality and calls for laws to outlaw these behaviors are said to violate the First Amendment since these prohibitions are religious in nature. So are prohibitions against rape, murder, kidnapping, stealing, lying, tripping blind people, moving boundary markers, and many other actions.

Democrat Senator Chuck  Schumer from New York and chairman of the Rules Committee, said he will push a constitutional amendment to the full floor later this year that would give Congress the power to impose strict limits on campaign finance.

The First Amendment was designed to keep Congress from infringing on freedom of speech not to give it power to define what constitutes freedom of speech. The opening words of the First Amendment are “Congress shall make no law. . .” What in these words doesn’t Sen. Schumer understand?

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