Chuck Schumer Says he Doesn’t Want Trump Putting in These ‘Last-Minute Poison Pills’ in Funding Bill

Friday marks President Trump’s 100th day in office, a symbolic threshold that’s supposed to highlight all his accomplishments. Or, in the case of the major media now with the current President, they’ll highlight all what they’d consider to be his failures.

Trump’s got to balance his campaign promises with political pragmatic realities.

One campaign promise he really wants to make happen is the U.S.-Mexico border wall. But selling that to an already divisive Congress – with a divided GOP – is going to be easier said than done.

On top of that, Trump wants additional funding ($30 billion) for the Defense Department and $3 billion for additional border security. And those items – the border wall, increased defense spending and increased border security – are some of what CNBC called ‘politically toxic measures’ that Trump wants added to the funding bill:

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Aides to Republican and Democratic members involved in hammering out a funding bill have admitted that talks had been progressing well until last week, when the Trump administration demanded politically toxic measures be put into the measure.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called these items ‘last-minute poison pills.’

“We’ve asked the president not to interfere. If he doesn’t interfere, we can get this done,” Schumer said. “So we ask him to let us do our work and to not throw in some last-minute poison pills that could undo it and we can get this done.”

The Continuing Resolution (CR) officially runs out on Friday, and if Congress doesn’t pass an appropriations bill to replace the CR, the government will ‘shut down.’ The other option would be for them to pass another temporary CR, just as they did last year when they couldn’t decide on an appropriations bill. That’ll keep the government up and running for another week or two. That’s probably what they’ll end up doing. It seems to be the most feasible at this point.

In addition to funding the government, other items that will be crammed into this week before Trump’s big 100-day milestone on Friday are healthcare and tax reform. Trump still wants a healthcare plan passed before Friday to fulfill his campaign promise of repealing Obamacare. And last week, the President promised to unveil his tax reform plan as early as Wednesday this week.

Shortly after Trump made that announcement, the White House ‘clarified’ by stating, “The President was saying what we’ve been saying all along, that he wants to do tax reform as quickly as possible while still doing it right.”

Paul Ryan is not as optimistic as President Trump. He said that while tax reform and healthcare are important topics, the focus this week is going to be on avoiding a government shutdown.

While there was an amendment floating around for the GOP’s ‘Obamacare Lite’ that’s supposed to get more conservative House members on board, they likely won’t put it up for a vote until they know they have a majority to vote for it. They’d need 216 Republicans.

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