Chuck Schumer: ‘Attorney General Sessions Should Resign’ [VIDEO]

The outrageous ‘bombshell’ that Democrats have manufactured in the last day or so is that Jeff Sessions met with the Russians. What’s so unusual about a senator – especially one serving on the Armed Services Committee – meeting with foreign ambassadors, you may ask?


But because it was Russia, and because then-Senator Jeff Sessions supported Trump – and because of the unsubstantiated narrative perpetuated by the media based on ‘anonymous officials’ allegedly inside the ‘intelligence community’ that Trump’s victory was a Russian conspiracy – obviously there’s a nefarious connection here, and it should be investigated.

In fact, because of this grave misbehavior by Sessions, he needs to not only recuse himself from any investigations into himself, but he also just needs to resign completely.

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Or so says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer:

Part of the outrage was that Sessions said during his confirmation hearings that he did not have communications with the Russians. But Senator Al Franken had asked him specifically in the context of Sessions acting as a ‘surrogate’ for the Trump campaign. As such, Sessions said that he did not have any communications with the Russians as a Trump surrogate. As a U.S. Senator, sure. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to find that Franken himself also had met with the Russian ambassador. So what.

Sure, he could have been clearer, but this is politics. Politicians are never as clear as they possibly could be. They don’t volunteer every tidbit of information. Everyone knows that. They have to be careful with every word they utter, because of how the media and their opponents will interpret what they say. To mitigate misinterpretation by the media, they often obfuscate.

But that’s not even what Sessions was doing. He was merely answering the question saying that he did not have any communications with the Russian as a representative of the Trump campaign. 

As Senator Ted Cruz pointed out, Sessions’ meeting with the Russian ambassador was a ‘nothing-burger.’ Meeting with foreign ambassadors is what U.S. senators do. It’s part of the job.

Cruz said he himself had not met with the Russian ambassador last year, but if they had reached out to him to meet, he would. He said he had met with six different ambassadors this year so far.

Getting on to Sessions for meeting with the Russian ambassador would be like getting on to Franken for meeting with the Russian ambassador as a Hillary Clinton ‘surrogate.’

As Cruz said, this is all political theater.

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