Chuck Norris and Carly Fiorina begin Campaigning for this Surprising Candidate!

Chuck Norris was a Mike Huckabee guy in 2008 and endorsed Mike Huckabee again around this time last year. However, with Huckabee out of the race, Norris was searching for a new candidate to support and he’s finally found his man. The Hollywood action superstar will begin campaigning with Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] this week, starting at a rally in Concord, North Carolina! Norris will appear with Senator Cruz, Glenn Beck and retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin to ask North Carolina to #ChooseCruz!

However, it’s not just the brilliant Chuck Norris who’s recently come out for Senator Cruz. Cruz also received a glowing endorsement and promise for campaign help from former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

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Ted Cruz has always been a constitutional conservative… Ted Cruz is a fearless fighter for our constitutional rights. He has spent his life protecting Americans’ God-given liberties, and he has always stood by his word. Unlike the status-quo political class in D.C., Ted Cruz didn’t cower when he got to Washington – he stood unequivocally for the American people. I know Ted, and he’ll do the same as president,” Fiorina told a crowd at a Cruz rally in Miami, Florida on Monday.

She also warned the crowd in Miami that if they were hoping for Donald Trump to “change” things in Washington, they were going to be sorely disappointed. “The truth is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin. They aren’t going to reform the system. They are the system.”

Fiorina later shared her thoughts via email and social media elaborating on her decision to #ChooseCruz.

Last Tuesday, Virginia had a primary—and even though my own name was on the ballot, I checked the box for Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz and Carly FiorinaWhen Republicans lost the last Presidential election, the Republican establishment thought it knew just what to do. Pass comprehensive immigration reform. Stop talking about “social issues.” Go along and get along. Don’t rock the boat. Rather than fight for real change, stand by as government grows increasingly incompetent and corrupt.

But they didn’t count on Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a true constitutional conservative. A real reformer, and a strong leader. And he can and will unite our party, and fix the festering problems in Washington—whether it’s our broken immigration system or the IRS. Ted Cruz is that conservative.

And here’s something I’ve learned throughout my career: if you are a real leader, you absolutely must challenge the status quo. And when you challenge the status quo, you make enemies. It’s the price of leadership. And that price is one too many people aren’t willing to pay, and so they don’t lead.

Ted Cruz has made enemies by taking on the political class. They’re scared we found our guy.

I ran for President because I believe it is time to take our country back—and I still believe that. I still believe we need a candidate who will stand for conservative principles. A nominee who will never settle for the status quo, and who will unite us as Republicans.

It is time for us to unite behind Ted Cruz.

If you’re ready to take our country back—if you’re ready to elect a real constitutional conservative in November—join me now in supporting the next President of these United States, Ted Cruz.

Thanks for your support,

For his part, Senator Cruz happily embraced Mrs. Fiorina’s support, thanking her for her commitment to conservative principles and for her help in seeing that he is nominated and elected.

“Carly Fiorina is a strong, principled leader and woman of faith,” said Cruz. “Our campaign is stronger with her leadership and her voice. Her story embodies the promise that in America anyone can start as a secretary and become a Fortune 50 CEO. Carly speaks the truth with courage, doesn’t back down to the Washington powerbrokers, and terrifies Hillary and the Democrats. We are blessed to have her support, and together I am confident we will continue to unite conservatives so that every American has the opportunity to achieve the unimaginable.”

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