Christians Sing Christmas Carols – Hindu Mob Viciously Beats Them

In an awful display of violence, a mob of angry Hindus viciously beat Christmas Carolers in India. India is a cauldron of religious persecution and has been for many years – in Hindu communities Christians, Muslims and Buddhists are persecuted. In Muslim communities Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are persecuted. The cycle of persecution is abhorrent and apparently won’t be stopping any time soon.

One of the most peaceful symbols of the Christmas holiday is the tradition of singing Christmas carols. While caroling has become the butt of many a joke today, for years it has been considered a polite and neighborly way to bless your friends and neighbors. Groups of Christmas revelers would gather together and travel their neighborhoods to bring Christmas cheer to those around them.

Christmas Caroling is supposed to be seen as a gesture of good will!

Not in Hindu dominated India, apparently.

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india christiansA group of 15-20 members of Banjara Baptist Church in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad were out caroling and visiting with Christian families when a local group of Hindus decided that the caroling was an attempt to “forcefully convert people to Christianity.” Some 30+ Hindus soon had the group and their vehicle surrounded, the smashed the car windows and dragged the occupants out of their vehicle. Once they had them out, the Hindu mob began beating their victims mercilessly.

The Pastor of Banjara Baptist Church, Bhim Nayak and several others, including his wife and son were severely injured in the brutal attack.

The pastor, who was said to be the focal point of the radicals’ rage, collapsed, unconscious, covered in blood, Christians said. Nayak was reportedly rushed to a local clinic where he received first aid and was transferred to a Hyderabad hospital where he, his wife and son receive intensive care.

It was no isolated incident, with massive Hindu-led “reconversion campaigns” taking place all across the northern India and reports of forced conversions and violence against Christians, according to advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC), which supports the pastor.

Violence has also been reported in New Delhi where Christians have demanded justice after a church was torched earlier this month.

Though no one was inside the targeted St. Sebastian’s Church in the capital’s Dilshad Garden area, regional Archbishop Anil Couto said the entire interior was “reduced to ashes”.

The December 1 attack prompted Christians to demonstrate near police headquarters.

In response to the attacks, the president of the group Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), Sajan K. George said, “the holy season of Advent is always targeted by anti-social elements. They want to breed suspicion, discord and disharmony between religious communities”.

Sadly, in India, it doesn’t seem to be just “anti-social” elements who lead the persecution and hate. This kind of religious animosity seems to pervade much of the nation’s population, and this incident is likely not the last of its kind.

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