Christians Under Assault in Colleges

Christianity is under assault in the halls of our nation’s Universities and colleges. Liberal academia cannot stomach being forced to interact with people who seriously believe and practice the basic tenets of Scripture – so they’ve turned on them and attempted to run them out of their hallowed halls. All over the nation conservative Christian groups are coming under fire from liberal University leaders and student councils.

The latest example comes from Bowdoin College.

After this summer, the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship will no longer be recognized by the college. Already, the college has disabled the electronic key cards of the group’s longtime volunteer advisers.

In a collision between religious freedom and antidiscrimination policies, the student group, and its advisers, have refused to agree to the college’s demand that any student, regardless of his or her religious beliefs, should be able to run for election as a leader of any group, including the Christian association.

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Similar conflicts are playing out on a handful of campuses around the country, driven by the universities’ desire to rid their campuses of bias, particularly against gay men and lesbians, but also, in the eyes of evangelicals, fueled by a discomfort in academia with conservative forms of Christianity. The universities have been emboldened to regulate religious groups by a Supreme Court ruling in 2010 that found it was constitutional for a public law school in California to deny recognition to a Christian student group that excluded gays.

We can all understand the desire for a college to demand justice and equality from their students. But what these schools are doing is forcing conservative Christians to conform to their standard of moral principle. Forcing clubs to accept leaders whose beliefs and practices run contrary to the explicit beliefs of the club makes no sense. Consider this, the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship were to agree to the University’s demands and a dozen non-believers were to join the club and then elect an non-believer to lead them… the entire purpose of the club would now be moot.

It simply makes no sense.

It is one thing to force equality in social and academic aspects of college life, but to force a religious group to act contrary to their religious beliefs? It’s beyond unjust, it’s bigoted.

However, the left has commandeered use of the word bigot so we are not allowed to use it against them. The media and the left have perpetrated a lie that only conservatives can ever be bigoted, but nothing is further from the truth. Liberalism, and academia in particular, are today rife with the most bigoted people you can find in our nation… and they’re blind to it. To them, their bigotry is justified as an acceptable means to their end…

For us, it simply means that we should be preparing to become second class citizens. We’ve said it time and again – we are losing the culture war and if we don’t fix things soon there won’t be any way to stop this train.

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