Christian Woman Sentenced to Death, Freed, then Arrested… Again

Meriam Ibrahim, the woman in Sudan who was sentenced to death for being a Christian, was finally freed… only to be arrested again at the airport as she tried to leave the country.

Mrs. Ibrahim’s story has been playing out on the world stage as the country of Sudan was put on trial for the injustice of arresting the pregnant woman for the crime of being a Christian. As Mrs. Ibrahim’s trial progressed the world watched in horror when the judgments and her sentence were handed down. She was found guilty of marrying a Christian man (a crime in Muslim Sudan), and, more egregiously, she was found guilty of apostasy – abandoning Islam and becoming a Christian. The penalty for her marriage was a beating and prison time, the penalty for becoming a Christian… Death.

The nations of the world were rightfully outraged at the decision from the unjust kangaroo court. In embarrassment Sudan was forced to overrule the courts verdict and finally freed the mother of two on Monday.

Sadly, on Tuesday as Mrs. Ibrahim and her husband were at the airport about to leave Sudan forever… they were both arrested, again.

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christianAl-Sharif Ali, a member of her legal team, told she was arrested in a show of force that included dozens of agents from the National Intelligence and Security Service.

“We don’t have a reason as to why,” said Ali. “Her husband is also being detained. We have tried to see them, but it has been very difficult. The national security force will not allow us to meet with them.”

Ibrahim and Wani, as well as their two children, were taken to a facility used by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service after the arrest, at 2 p.m. local time, a source close to the family told They had travel documents furnished by the U.S. embassy, but Ibrahim did not have a passport, the source said.

“She is either banned from traveling or the NISS could also create “papers issues” if they don’t want her to leave the country,” the source said.

However a spokesperson for the US State Department claims that the family has not been arrested – but that Sudan has “detained” them for some reason. The State Department says that they are monitoring the situation closely, and that they are working hard to help get the family out of Sudan. Mrs. Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, holds dual citizenship in the US and Sudan, so he and his children are American citizens – making the situation all the more inflammatory for the State Department.

“The State Department has been informed by the Sudanese government that while the family was temporarily detained, they have not been arrested and the government has assured us of their safety,” said spokeswoman Marie Harf. “The Embassy has been and will remain highly involved in working with the family and the government.

“The State Department is engaging directly with Sudanese officials to secure their safe and swift departure from Sudan,” Harf added.

Supporters of Ibrahim say they won’t feel she is safe until she is out of the war-torn nation.

“We’re encouraged that the State Department is engaged and working to secure the freedom of Meriam and her family,” said Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the American Center for Law and Justice, which gathered more than 300,000 signatures for an online petition demanding Ibrahim’s freedom. “Whether Meriam and her family have been ‘temporarily detained’ or arrested, holding U.S. citizens against their will is extremely disturbing and unacceptable. It has always been our concern that the only way the Ibrahim family could be truly safe is to leave Sudan.”

Call your representatives and demand that they force the State Department to take action and push for the release of this innocent family! It’s time that they come home…

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