Christian Pastor Finds Podcast Demoted on Apple iTunes After Asking for Prayers for Trump

A Christian pastor is alleging that Apple iTunes buried his popular podcast after he posted a Facebook post asking fans to pray for President Donald Trump.

Popular Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Church says that he was not a big Trump supporter during the 2016 presidential contest, but since he has taken office he has turned the corner and has often come to Trump’s defense.

MacDonald now says that the president has kept many of his promises and thus far he has been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the New Yorker’s presidency.

“Like every evangelical, I’ve disagreed with the administration on occasion but I’ve also found the administration willing to take into account our point of view when we do disagree. Sometimes, they have even changed their policies. This is worthy of our gratitude and prayerful support,” MacDonald told CBN News.

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With that all in mind, MacDonald recently took to Facebook to ask the nation to pray fro Donald Trump.

That was about a month ago. Since that time, though. MacDonald says he found something strange happening right after his plea fro prayers.

MacDonald hosts a podcast called Walk in the Word. It’s a favorite on iTunes, regularly making the Top 25 list in the category of “Religion and Spirituality.”

Following his statement of support for Trump on Facebook, and his request that Christians be praying for the president, Walk in the Word vanished from the iTunes charts. In the past the podcast had never dipped below the Top 40, within 24 hours it wasn’t even making the Top 200.

“Over the course of analyzing this strange change, someone brought to our attention that the change correlated almost exactly with a Facebook post made by Pastor James calling for Christians to pray for the President as he selected his nominee to replace Justice Kennedy,” said Dan Sumpter, the global creative director for Harvest Church.

“We are not, ourselves, jumping to conclusions and are giving Apple the benefit of the doubt. They have been a wonderful partner for many years as our ministry has grown to become one of the largest in the world, but we are running out of plausible, alternative explanations. We’ve gone through a series of tests and much analysis. It seems more likely that there’s something going on here that only Apple can answer,” Sumpter continued.

With his traffic numbers crashing, MacDonald now thinks that Facebook has “shadow banned” him and is actively working to prevent fans from finding his posts.

Facebook claims that none of this is true and that it has done nothing to quash the podcast, but MacDonald’s Walk in the Word podcast has mysteriously and suddenly disappeared out of the top 25 Charts where it has sat for quite some time.

One has to wonder just how that could happen?

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