Christian Pastor Explains that We are Living in a Fascist Nation


Pastor RC Sproul Jr. is a very intelligent man with interests in many different subjects.

He is a prolific writer and speaker, and his work has benefitted many people. He recently spoke eloquently on a subject we love to debate around these parts – whether American is falling into communism or fascism. Listen as Dr. Sproul explains.

Friends, we don’t have a socialist economy here in United States, despite all the squawking and screaming about President Obama. Nor do we have a free market, despite what we would like to believe or what we once might have enjoyed.

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What we are living in, economically speaking, is fascism where property is held privately in name only, but controlled by an army of bureaucrats from the central government. This is one reason why we are called to love and to seek liberty because fascism is a betrayal and assault upon the right of property–a right which was given to us by God Himself. That is what our founding documents say and, more importantly still, that is what the ten commandments say. Fascism isn’t just bad economics, it is theft.



Read the entire transcript at RC Sproul Jr.’s website.

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