Christian Man in Maine Savagely Beaten to Death by Three Muslim Immigrants!

A judge in Maine has just unsealed court documents detailing the horrific murder of a Christian man at the hands of three Muslim immigrants (likely from Somalia). The gruesome details have shocked the Portland, Maine community and have many once again wondering about the government granting refugee status to Muslim immigrants from Islamic nations.

Freddy Akoa is a health-care professional who emigrated from Africa years ago. He was a resident of Portland, Maine and by all accounts a likable man and model citizen. On August afternoon he, three Muslim men and a local woman went back to his apartment to drink beer and hang out. At some point late in the evening (or early the next morning), the four men began arguing, which is when things turned violent.

At some point during their “friendly” conversation one of the Muslim men, Abil Teshome, became angry and began beating Akoa… things devolved from there.

Detective Christopher Giesecke explained what seems to have happened next,

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“Teshome said he lost control of himself and started hitting Akoa several times in the head. Teshome admitted to punching and kicking Akoa multiple times and knocking him to the ground. Teshome also stated that he also struck Akoa with his hands and feet while Akoa was lying on the ground.” Teshome also allegedly confessed that he used a board from a makeshift coffee table to beat Akoa over the head and to strike his foot, the affidavit states. “(Teshome) said that he and Sheikh left Akoa’s apartment around the same time and that he believed Akoa was alive when he left,” Giesecke wrote.

The unsealed documents also note that the investigation found that Akoa had been beaten, kicked and bashed about the head with furniture. He was so severely beaten that he had 22 rib fractures, cuts and bruises all over his head and body, and a lacerated liver. Perhaps the worst part of all this is that his attackers then simply left him on the floor to die…

Thus far the police and prosecutors have declined to comment on what factor the religion of the four men may have played in the brutal attack.

Detective Rich Vogel of the Portland Police Department was unable to comment on any of the holes left in the story. “I can’t go into any of the details. I’m just not at liberty to give out any information about a case that’s subject to an ongoing investigation. Eventually the whole story will come out. It always does.”

However, the fact that Akoa’s Bible was found covered in blood and laying by his head seems to indicate that their faiths were definitely part of the story. It seems that yet another example of the violence inherent within Islamic morality and justice has reared its ugly head on American soil. The violence that marks this horrible crime is astounding, but perhaps even more so is the complete and utter apathy the three men showed Akoa. All three men are remorseless killers who deserve the maximum penalty the state of Maine can hand down.

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