Christian Man asks 13 Bakeries to make “Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake” Gets Denied Every Time

If you’ve never surfed over to then you, my friend, are missing out. The Shoebat family has been doing the dangerous and difficult work of uncovering the evil Islamic agenda for a long time. They’ve also been working hard to advance the Christian ethos and defend Christianity from the advance of liberal, anti-God forces. Last week, the enterprising younger part of the Shoebat family team – Theodore Shoebat – had a brilliant idea… and boy, do you need to see it.

Theodore had been reading about the rash of events where the Fascist Gay Agenda was using the government to force Christian’s to serve gay weddings or lose their business – particularly bakeries, but this is also happening to florists, photographers and wedding planners. This gave Theodore an idea: he’d call 13 homosexual bakery’s and ask them to bake him an explicitly pro-traditional marriage cake.

marriageThe cake would say “Gay Marriage is Wrong” and be used in a Christian marriage event. Each of the 13 bakers denied Theodore Shoebat service, and most of them used very “colorful” and “vulgar” language to do so. One of the bakers even told Theodore that instead of the cake he wanted, she would make him a cookie with a giant penis on it.

Perhaps you see a difference between a gay couple asking for a wedding cake and an activist asking for an explicitly pro-traditional marriage (or anti-gay marriage) cake. However, can you really make an argument that a baker willing to make a cake with a penis, or other vulgarity on it, would find it immoral to make a cake that says “Gay Marriage is Wrong”? Even if they can call it “immoral” – does that matter? Serving a gay wedding celebration flies in the face of Christian morality, yet the Christian is expected to serve without dispute. This seems to be a glaring double-standard.

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The reality is that we shouldn’t force anyone to work for someone else. The “free-market” should indeed be free! The customer is free to choose which bakery they wish to use and the entrepreneur should be free to choose who to work for. Does it mean that some people may be discriminated against? Yes. But the way to solve that problem is by telling the community about the offense and letting consumers fix the problem by taking their money elsewhere.

Let’s stop asking the government/courts to fix our problems and handle them ourselves. Let the free-market be free.

Watch as Theodore Shoebat asks for a pro-traditional marriage cake and gets denied by a “baker’s dozen” worth of bakers…

Part 1

Part 2

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