Christian Couple who Lost Bakery for Not Serving a Gay Wedding Go Viral

We’ve brought you the sad story of the Christian couple in Oregon who have had their bakery destroyed by the fascist gay lobby. (See the stories here, here and here.) Aaron Klein and his wife Melissa worked hard to make their family owned bakery work – Sweet Cakes by Melissa was a popular and growing business. Then a gay couple walked through the doors and asked the Klein’s to make them a cake for their upcoming wedding.

While the Klein’s have no problem serving homosexuals in their establishment, they just couldn’t take part in a gay wedding ceremony because of their Christina beliefs about marriage.

For this crime, the fascist gay lobby and the state of Oregon decided to take a pound of flesh. The gay community harassed the Klein’s, their business, and the vendors who supplied their business. They made life extremely difficult for anyone who had anything to do with the small family bakery… and then they urged the state to come crashing down on the business. The state of Oregon quickly complied.

Now Sweet Cakes by Melissa is no more, but the Klein’s are still going strong. Now they are carrying their story to the rest of America. They hope to wake up the rest of us who have yet to feel the crushing weight of religious persecution by the state.

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The Klein’s recently spoke at the Value Voters Summit and released a Facebook post, both of which went viral and are stirring a great response from the right and the left.

Take a look.


And here are the Klein’s speaking passionately about the issue at the Value Voter’s Summit.

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