Christian Couple Beaten by Gang of Muslim Youth

A Christian couple were viciously beaten by a gang of young Muslim men on Christmas Eve in what may have been a racially/religiously motivated attack. This didn’t happen in the “Islamic World”. It didn’t happen on the streets of an Iraqi town or near a Christian enclave in Egypt. It happened in the city of Copenhagen, in Denmark.

On Christmas Eve, a young Danish couple, Nanna Woodsman and her boyfriend Mads, were heading home from celebrating Christmas with his family. It was late, near midnight, and the couple was tired from their holiday merriment. They had not gone far when a young man of 16 – 17 years old, who appeared to be Somali, rode up on them on a bicycle. The couple says that they immediately realized something was wrong and that the young man was acting “confrontational.”

The girlfriend, Nanna, said that the young man was acting aggressively and asked the couple several times what they were “on” and if “they had a problem?” Her boyfriend, Mads, eventually tired of the cyclists threatening behavior and said, “What – what do you want?”

Apparently, Mads’ decision to respond to the heckler set him off. Nanna says that after Mads spoke, the cyclist got off his bike and jumped on her boyfriend then hitting him on the head with a bottle. At the same time several other black men came up out of a basement area holding iron chains and joined the assault on Mads. The boyfriend tried valiantly to defend himself, but with several attackers he soon succumbed and fell to the ground in a defensive position. All the while his attackers were pummeling him with kicks and punches and strikes from the chains they held.

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Nanna says that Mads told her to flee but she was terrified that the attackers might kill him, so she jumped in trying to defend her boyfriend. When she came between Mads and the vicious gang of attackers, they began hitting her as well. The beat her bloody with the chains they held, and then just as quickly as the attack began it was over, and the gang ran off.

Nanna Woodsman3

Eventually the residents of the buildings on the street came to aid the couple and called the police and an ambulance. The boyfriend, Mads, was relatively unhurt other than a few bumps and bruises, but his girlfriend, Nanna, was hurt badly in the altercation. Some of the strikes hit her directly in the face causing painful damage.

The couple (and witnesses who saw the attack from their windows) say the group was made up of migrant youth and that at least two of the attackers were of Somali background. The police are unsure if the attack was motivated primarily for religious reasons – the vast majority of Somali’s are Sunni Muslim – but the timing of the attack (on Christmas Eve) and the choice of victims seem to indicate that it could have been a factor.

Police are still searching for the assailants.

H/T Jan Morgan

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