Christian Artist Gets Blocked from Facebook for Telling the Truth

Adam4d is a talented and funny artist who runs a wonderful website showcasing his curiously Christian webcomic. Eagle Rising has happily displayed some of his work in the past and we really love a piece he did on what homophobia is and what it isn’t. Sadly the speech overlords who run Facebook decided that his kind, generous and honest post was far too offensive for their website… sure, you can harangue Christians, post scandalous images and spew hate and vitriol at conservatives… but dare say that Christians ARE NOT homophobic… and you get the ban hammer.

It’s just sad.

Check out the picture and then read what Pastor James White had to say about the backlash we Christians now face in the modern culture.homophobia


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Pastor James White:

Did you see what Facebook did today? Adam4d, a Christian artist/commentator who does great and insightful work, produced a comic about what is, and what is not, homophobia. Three of the panels were obvious and clear, with pictures of people saying, “I’m afraid of gay people because I’ll get a disease if one gets close to me,” then “I hate gay people. Hate ’em! They are the scum of the earth!” (that guy was drawn as bald, unfortunately!), then “I call gay people bad names and sometimes punch them cuz they’re disgusting.” And everyone, of course, would agree these are examples of what could rightly be called “homophobia” (though I would argue these are examples of homosexualophobia, more properly). But the fourth panel is marked “not homophobia,” and it says, “I am a Christian. I believe homosexuality is sinful because the Bible says it is.” And what did FaceBook do? Removed the cartoon, of course. And their excuse? “We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.” And, of course, all the hatred spewed at Christians on Facebook evidently does? Clearly condemning actually bigoted attitudes while daring to state the Christian view—well, no one really thinks the leftists who run the vast majority of the ‘net these days really care about consistency or truth.

The days of our being allowed to speak openly to this culture are passing. Quickly.

Adam4d has created a new strip poking the Facebook bear for their decision to ban him. Once again, he’s exactly correct.

From Adam4d.comallow1



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