Christian Arrested and Imprisoned for 11 Hours when Lesbian Files Fake Homophobia Complaint!

We’ve covered time and again the slow death of free speech and religious freedom in the West. In America today, we feel this debate particularly keenly for two reasons; first, we see the assault on free speech as we watch conservatives being shouted down for standing against radical Islam. Secondly, we see the erosion of religious liberty as Christians are being forced by the government to bow and cater to homosexual weddings, which violates their conscience and sincerely held religious beliefs.

In the UK this collapse of liberty began happening years ago, and we are now beginning to see the disgusting fruit of the fascist tree.

In September of 2013 evangelist Rob Hughes was in Basildon, Essex with some friends of his preaching on the existence of God and on how we’ve all sinned against Him. Eventually, he was accosted with violent and disgusting language by a female passerby, who also accused him of being “judgmental”. About an hour after he’d finished speaking he was approached by police and told that he was being arrested for causing “distress” and using “homophobic” language. This caught Hughes completely off guard because he’d not discussed or even mentioned homosexuality that day in his preaching or in any discussions with passers by.


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From the Daily Mail:


rob hughesMr Hughes said: ‘I was taken to the police station, processed, mugshot, fingerprints, DNA, the whole works. I was in a cell for about 11 hours, and then my solicitor finally arrived.
I was interviewed by the police, they asked me a number of questions – “why were you out”, “what were you saying”, “did you say what the people said” – I said “no”, of course. I was polite and courteous. 

‘I did say that “you have my dictaphone in your possession, you can listen to the recording, the audio, if you like”. They dismissed that. Not sure why, but I just continued with the interview, finished the questions.’

‘The whole experience left me feeling that street preachers – it’s now a case of being presumed guilty until found innocent, which is really the wrong way round.



This is the world we live in now, folks. Christians (and conservatives) are guilty until proven innocent – even when the “crime” isn’t really a crime. If this is something that you believe could never happen in America, I’d like you to stop and consider if 5 years ago you would have believed me if I told you that one day state governments would force bakers, photographers, florists and wedding planners to serve at gay weddings or face massive fines, the loss of their businesses and worse? Wake up and smell the truth, dear reader – the end of free speech is upon us and our religious liberty may die with it.

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