Chris Matthews Says Republicans are Right About This

For years conservatives have warned moderates in the GOP that they had to stop acquiescing to Democrats on entitlements and welfare programs because once an entitlement becomes law, Democrats NEVER let them go. This is one of the arguments that conservatives used to stop Hillary Clinton’s drive for socialized healthcare in the 90’s, and it should be something that is constantly on lawmakers’ minds even today.

On Wednesday evening MSNBC’s Chris Matthews basically made the same point. The diehard liberal, told the GOP that conservatives have been right all along, when Democrats win an entitlement… they will never let it go. Which is why, Matthews argued, the GOP will not win the battle over repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Nobody thinks that you can repeal and replace at the same time. Nobody thinks you can square a circle. You can’t do it. They talk like this over and over. ‘We’re going to repeal and then we’re going to replace.’ Which is it? Are you going to replace the good stuff?

Now, ever since I can remember, conservatives have been smart, they say never let the Democrats start a new social program because once people have that program, they’ll never let it go. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare. It has a ratchet effect. You give the person something because they asked for it, they voted for it, they wanted it. My conservative father loved Medicare. Because for the first time in his life, he felt like he was getting something for nothing. He paid into it, but he felt, God, I got something good here. I think that this is something the Republicans were right about.

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Their big mistake was letting Obamacare pass the first time. People want to keep it.

I really hope Matthews is wrong, but in my gut, I have to admit, I’m very worried that he’s right.

If the GOP can successfully repeal Obamacare it will be the first time ever that a Western nation has rid itself of a major entitlement without first facing enormous upheaval.

Let’s make history, folks.

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