Chris Matthews Cautions Dems That Trump Might Win in 2020

In the face of Democratic optimism, Chris Matthews cautions that Donald Trump won’t be easy to beat.

This isn’t the first time that Chris Matthews cautions the establishment that Trump might win again. He hinted at the possibility one hundred days into the Trump presidency:

Now he is warning Dems that, even if they make gains in 2018, they still might lose in 2020 to Donald Trump. There simply is no Democrat challenger who can match up with Trump and beat him.

Breitbart reports, “Chris Matthews Warns ‘Giddy’ Dems: Trump Will Be Extremely Tough to Beat in 2020.

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Matthews said he “watched every minute” of Trump’s speech this week, calling it a “barn burner” in which Trump “hit all the high notes—never a flat one.” He said Trump focused on minority employment numbers, did not get sidetracked and bigfoot his own message, and delivered an “uplifting, gung-ho” speech “with all the flags flying.”

He said it was tough for him right now to “think of a Democratic rival who can match the performance” and added that Trump’s challenger will have to “sell this country while making a case for himself or herself” and making people feel like they are empowered.

“My point is that you can’t beat someone with no one,” Matthews said, conceding that though Trump may not know how to govern, he is a formidable campaigner.

Read the entire Breitbart story.

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