Chris Cuomo Concerned About Using Taxpayer Money to Investigate Voter Fraud [VIDEO]

Liberals are funny about taxpayer money. If it’s something they believe in – like Planned Parenthood – then using taxpayer money to fund it is the right thing to do. In fact, they’d claim that taking it away from Planned Parenthood would put women’s lives at risk.

Or consider liberals’ and some Republicans’ take on investigating Russia for their alleged involvement in the election – which, even according to the most diehard media narrative was nothing more than exposing the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party.

They’re all in favor of spending taxpayer money on that investigation even though there was not one shred of evidence presented. All they have are statements from people inside the Intelligence Community saying that Russia was involved. No evidence has been given.

But again, since it’s something that liberals believe in – with or without evidence – they’ll think it’s a good and proper use of taxpayer money.

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Now that President Trump has announced that he’s requesting a major investigation into voter fraud, liberals are saying it’s a waste of taxpayer money. All of a sudden, they’re fiscal conservatives. Here’s what CNN’s Chris Cuomo had to say during an interview with Rep. [score]Chris Collins[/score] (R-NY):

“Are you worried about defending something that is somewhat indefensible? So now, my money, your money, is going to go towards investigating something that we don’t have a shred of proof. What this opinion is based on has been called out and debunked by the people who did the studies. And now we’re going to waste our money taking a look at something because it bruised someone’s ego? Is that what this is about?”

I don’t think they’re actually concerned about taxpayer money. If they think widespread voter fraud is a “conspiracy theory” that’s been “debunked,” then they shouldn’t have any reason to fear what the investigation will find. Maybe they’re afraid of what the investigation will end up exposing.

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