Chris Christie Launches His Bid for the White House

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has fallen way back in the race for the GOP nomination, but that’s didn’t stop him from jumping in with both feet on Tuesday. Christie and his team still believe that they can win the nomination, but they realize that it will be an uphill battle. Christie is currently polling in 9th place in the Real Clear Polls average of all of the major polls.

In an article on Politico Monday the author describes the tumult behind the scenes.

“He had a message, and he had the discipline to get the message out. I think you’ll see him do the same thing nationally,” said George Gilmore, the influential chairman of New Jersey’s Ocean County Republican Party and a Christie loyalist.

In the final days leading up to his campaign launch, Christie has had to work to get his state’s political establishment behind him. During one meeting with Republican legislators about the state’s budget last week, the governor said that he’d love to have their endorsements; over the weekend, Christie and his top aides followed up with phone calls asking them to get on board. Many, however, have remained undecided.

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With so little to lose, the governor is something of an unpredictable force. As Christie — who even by the standards of New Jersey’s rough-and tumble political culture has distinguished himself for his willingness to go negative — tries to make up ground in polls, advisers say he’s prepared to attack his rivals. Earlier this month, during an appearance at a Republican cattle call in Utah, the New Jersey governor castigated his senatorial rivals for knowing little about how to govern — especially Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. “He’s made America weaker and more vulnerable,” Christie said, ripping into Paul’s opposition to the PATRIOT Act, “and he’s done it for his own personal and political gain.”

Even with the odds stacked against him, Christie’s allies are fond of pointing something out: He’s a political warrior.

“Never,” said Gilmore, “underestimate Chris Christie.”

The Christie campaigns launch video is called “Telling it like it is” and it tells Christie’s personal story while promising voters that he’ll always be honest with them.


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