Chris Christie Clashes with Scott Walker – We Don’t Need to Support Flip-Floppers!

Governor Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) campaign seems to be floundering, but he’s not acting like he’s going to be getting out of the Presidential race any time soon. Since former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tossed his hat in the proverbial ring, the establishment has seemingly been moving to cast their lot in with him. Perhaps the establishment money has made calculated the risks and figures that Chris Christie is just a “bridge too far” for most in the conservative grassroots. In an effort to make things as easy as possible on conservatives, the establishment is choosing the man they think will be less abrasive to conservatives, Bush, and also more likely to get them out to the polls. Whatever the calculation, Chris Christie doesn’t seem to notice; he is still campaigning hard for the nomination.

In fact, at a recent stop in Jeb’s back yard he took the time to seemingly take a swing at the current frontrunner, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Here’s what Christie said, “We need to make sure that we make our party bigger and broader than it’s been before. And that’s not about pandering, it’s not about flip-flopping on issues. People want folks who they believe believe in what they say and don’t change depending on what state they’re in.”

Christie WalkerChristie then went on to point out that he has been consistent on some very controversial subjects and said that voters appreciate when their leaders are honest. “The fact is you don’t have to change your positions. I’m proudly pro-life and I’ve run twice as a pro-life candidate for governor in one of the bluest states in the country.”

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We say that this was a “seeming” shot across the Walker bow because recently, Governor Walker has been criticized for “evolving” on his illegal immigration and amnesty views. He also seems to adjust some of his ideas in recent trips to Iowa and New Hampshire – which may be political maneuvering to maximize his voter base in the GOP, but is definitely a risky move considering that it provides ammunition for his competitors to call him a “flip-flopper,” which can be a brutal blow in a campaign.



By the way… Christie said all this with Walker standing in the crowd talking to the same donors that Christie was addressing! (Snap, that dude is brazen if nothing else…)

Walker wasn’t the only politician to face the ire of Chris Christie down in Florida. The New Jersey Governor also attacked President Obama for his disastrous foreign policy decisions that seem to keep coming back to haunt us.

“America is less respected, less feared, and less effective than we’ve been at any time in recent history. We know that that’s all the result of the fact that the President of the United States doesn’t know how to lead, has never understood how to lead, never understood strength.”

I may not be a fan of Chris Christie, and would be hard-pressed to cast a vote for such a liberal Republican, but I can wholeheartedly agree with his comments on Obama’s foreign policy! That’s a pure shot of unassailable truth right there.

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