Chris Christie Argues that Obama is Encouraging “Lawlessness”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday to discuss his presidential campaign and one hot-button topic in particular: The lawlessness of the Obama administration, exemplified in the president’s handling of the Black Lives Matter movement and illegal immigration.

“The problem is this, there’s lawlessness in this country. The president encourages this lawlessness. He encourages it. He does not support the police, he doesn’t back up the police, he justifies Black Lives Matter. I don’t believe that movement should be calling for the murder of police officers…”

When Face the Nation host John Dickerson contradicted Christie, arguing that the Black Lives Matter protesters were not calling for murdering police officers, Christie quickly fired back Sure, they are! They’ve been chanting in the streets for the murder of police officers. That’s what the movement is creating. And the president of the United States is justifying that, but not only that, he hasn’t backed up police officers from the minute he’s gotten into office. And we can cite instance after instance.”

Governor Christie promised that if the American people were to elect him as President, he would change the tone of the federal government’s position towards law enforcement. In fact, Christie promised that law enforcement and the police could count on his unwavering support.

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“When there are bad cops, they need to be prosecuted, like there are bad lawyers and bad doctors and bad engineers, they all need to be prosecuted when they see something wrong. But our police officers are putting their lives on the line every day, let’s back them up so we can end the real violence in this country that’s happening in the streets of our cities all across this country,” Christie promised.

However, it wasn’t just with the Black Lives Matter crowd where Governor Christie noticed President Obama supporting lawlessness. Christie also cited Obama’s tacit support for Sanctuary Cities and their lawless policies as another example of the administration’s dangerous policies.

“We should not have sanctuary cities in this country. That type of lawlessness sets a tone,” Christie argued.

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