Chris Christie and Democrats Agree – GOP Sounds ‘Unwelcoming’ to Immigrants

In a recent speech before the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., Presidential hopeful Chris Christie (R-NJ) made some comments that are being noticed today.


“My party, quite frankly, has been guilty in some respects of speaking in a way that doesn’t sound very welcoming to new members. In New Jersey, part of what we said was that we had to start a new day in the relationship between the governor, as the leader of the Republican Party in New Jersey, and all the different communities in our state.”


Christie’s record with Hispanics in New Jersey has been quite good, but his overall record in general has not. He is one of (if not the most) liberal Republican in the nomination race, and that may go a long way toward explaining his support among New Jersey’s Hispanic population. More interestingly for me is this talking point of the GOP not sounding very “welcoming.” I wonder where he got this from? Could it be that Christie has bought into the Democrat talking points on immigration issues?

Maybe he’s spent too much time listening to Democrats like Steve Israel (D-NY) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).


“To a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements that are animated by racism. And that’s unfortunate,” said Israel.

“I think race has something to do with the fact that they’re not bringing up an immigration bill,” Pelosi added.


Or maybe he’s been talking to that old corrupt bag of bones out in Nevada, Harry Reid (D-NV).



Here’s the truth of the matter, and I hope Chris Christie hears it – the Republicans don’t sound ‘unwelcoming’ at all. The Democrats and their partners in the media have spun the debate on illegal immigration into a conversation on immigration in general, and the two issues have become convoluted. Republicans are for legal immigration because legal immigration can help a nation thrive, especially during a good economy. When the economy is healthy, we NEED immigrants to come and become productive members of the workforce.

Illegal immigration on the other hand, apart from being ILLEGAL, can have a disruptive effect on our economy – ESPECIALLY during a BAD economy like the one we have been suffering through during the Obama era. Perhaps the net economic negatives become mitigated during a healthy economy, but that doesn’t change the illegality of the action. How can we pretend to be a nation ruled by law and governed by justice if we allow lawbreakers to simply slide by unpunished?

As long as the Republican Party stands against illegal immigration in any practical (and reasonable) way – the media and the democrats (and apparently some Republicans) will always say that we sound “unwelcoming’. But that doesn’t make it true.

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