Female Film Critic Reveals the Real David Schwimmer, Recalls Interview

David Schwimmer, fondly known as Ross Geller from the 90’s sitcom Friends, is being praised by esteemed female film critic Nell Minow.

According to Daily Mail, Minow met Schwimmer to interview him about a movie that he produced and directed back in 2010. The film, called Trust, tells the story of a teen girl who was groomed and then raped by an older man she met on the internet.

The two had planned to meet at the hotel restaurant where Schwimmer was staying. However, the restaurant was packed and too loud to conduct the interview. That is when he invited Minow back to his hotel room, suggesting that they could carry out the interview there.

Unlike Harvey Weinstein, Schwimmer’s intentions were innocent. Upon suggesting they go back to his room, he also quickly offered for a third person to come as a chaperone so that Minow would feel more comfortable and safe.

Minow said, ‘This wasn’t just about his being a good guy who would not have tried anything. He understood what it is like to have to be constantly on the alert and he wanted to make sure I understood I was safe.’

She said she’d recalled the incident in the light of the Weinstein stories and it reminded her of ‘Schwimmer’s integrity and sensitivity’.

Being twice his age Minow did not feel worried in any way but appreciated his sensitivity.

Her recollections about Schwimmer arose in the wake of allegations that producer Harvey Weinstein committed acts of sexual harassment, assault and rape against more than 30 women.

As a woman, one rule I have always found to be safe when working with someone of the opposite sex, is to always have a third person in the room when you are conducting business. This is a smart idea for everyone to follow because it not only cuts down on any awkwardness, but it also does not allow room for false accusations or inappropriate behavior.


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