Chimpanzees to Have Rights of “Personhood” – Pre-born Babies Not-so-Much

ABC News reports that “[a] state appeals court will decide in coming weeks whether chimpanzees are entitled to ‘legal personhood’ in a case that could lead to expanded rights for animals such as gorillas, elephants and dolphins, according to the lawyer advocating for a 26-year-old chimp named Tommy.”

Unborn babies don’t have any rights. They can be killed for any reason.

Business owners don’t have any rights. They must sell to people even if they disagree with their immoral lifestyles or radicalized ideologies.

But chimpanzees . . . well, that’s a different story.

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Will they be able to get food stamps, collect unemployment, vote, and attend college for free? The ACLU is trying to get the courts to stop all voter ID laws.

If chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants, and dolphins are given legal personhood status, will they be able to vote? If no IDs are needed, they could fill out absentee ballots. I could see some environmentalists looking for a pod of dolphins and asking them how they would like to vote. Of course, the Democrats would “interpret” their chatter to mean – “Vote Democrat.”

It won’t be too long before pets are designated “legal persons.” If you watch the Home and Garden Network, you can see how this could be possible. It’s amazing how many couples make a decision on purchasing a house based on their pets.

I know, you’re thinking this is a stretch. We’re talking about Democrats who are notorious for getting dead people to vote…

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