Chill Out America! Bernie Sanders Only Wants to Raise Taxes by $15 TRILLION!


Is there anything scarier than a socialist with a little power? “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] has spent months on the campaign trail promising an ever-growing list of “freebies” to his welfare state-loving followers. Over the many months the cost for these plans has been steadily building and the most recent cost estimates will blow your mind. Seriously, Blow.Your.Mind.

According to a new analysis from the Tax Policy Center Bernie’s plans will impact the personal finances of every single American.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proposes significant increases in federal income, payroll, business, and estate taxes, and new excise taxes on financial transactions and carbon. New revenues would pay for universal health care, education, family leave, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, and more. TPC estimates the tax proposals would raise $15.3 trillion over the next decade. All income groups would pay some additional tax, but most would come from high-income households, particularly those with the very highest income. His proposals would raise taxes on work, saving, and investment, in some cases to rates well beyond recent historical experience in the US.

The Washington Post has more on Senator Sanders’ plans for the American economy.

The average tax increase would be around $9,000 per household, but wealthy earners would see the largest jump in their tax bill. People earning over $3.7 million a year would see their taxes go up an average of nearly 45 percent, according to analysis released Friday by the nonpartisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.

Anyway you slice the Sanders story, it holds nothing but bad news for the American people. If we elect either of the Democrat candidates, the only thing we can hope for are higher taxes, more regulations, increased spending and greater problems for our economy and our nation. Folks, it’s time to recognize the danger and rally around one conservative candidate for the upcoming election. Our children deserve better than the Democrats foolish and destructive policies.

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