Chick-fil-A Throws Surprise 100th Birthday Party For Loyal Customer

“Mr. Steve” has been a regular at the Chick-Fil-A in Oldsmar, FL for the past 20 years and today he turns 100! So the staff at his favorite restaurant gave him the sweetest surprise! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR. STEVE!

Awww, he is just so sweet and full of such joy! I love how happy it made him when they gave him free Chick-fil-A forever.

Outstanding! Chick-fil-A keeps winning!

Fox News:

When one Florida man turned 100, staffers at his favorite local Chick-fil-A took it upon themselves to go all-out for a surprise birthday celebration.

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On September 21, Stephen Bellissimo visited the chicken-centric chain in Oldsmar, as is his weekly ritual, and was shocked to find the restaurant full of family, friends and decorations on his milestone birthday.

“Oh I think this just one great surprise for me. I didn’t expect anything like this,” the centenarian told Fox 13 of the festivities in his honor.MER ON RIDING LAWN MOWER IN DRIVE-THRU

According to the outlet, Bellissimo has been frequenting this same Chick-fil-A, which is roughly 6 miles outside Tampa, on a near daily basis, for the last 20 years. Known for “eating at the same booth virtually every day, ordering almost the same thing, and staying for several hours,” Bellissimo is a beloved regular, affectionately known as “Mr. Steve.” More

Why do we only see these wonderful stories on FOX? Perhaps the restaurant also will name his favorite booth in his honor and post a name plaque on it. Cheers to the restaurant for providing free meals for life. Hopefully, he will be enjoying them for lots more years.

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