Check Out This 1933 Book by Eleanor Roosevelt: ‘It’s up to the Women’

We The Buffalo

To my point, I pick the buffalo since we all have seen the picture of that charging herd racing towards the cliff.  This is appropriate when reading on.

Just caught an eye opener this AM.  It seems that the late Eleanor Roosevelt would not be out done by her socialist minded hubby.  She authored a book entitled, “It’s Up to the Women,” way back in 1933!

As to be expected, this was all about today’s call for a “be all you can be” mentality, with regards to taking off the apron, stashing the daily chores and awesome responsibilities of motherhood for the challenge of “equality, justice and social responsibility inside and outsides our homes.”

Personally, I never really relished being the recipient of “bull.”  And as Mrs. Roosevelt validates, her theories are exactly that!

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Consider the following excerpts: “sometimes children resent the fact that their mother has a job and is not at their beck and call…”  Or how about, “…sometimes the children are jealous of the fact that a mother should want any interest outside of theirs…”  Then the zinger, “They are justified if something really vital goes out of their lives, but…it is probably better for the future lives of these children that they should have to exercise a little unselfishness…”  Talk about being cold and uncaring!

Are we crazy?  And this was published in 1933!  “Something vital?”  Duh, what is a mother if not “vital?”

So, here we are in 2017 and the government has promoted this fantasy of duel family incomes yet still fails to mention about the revenue jackpot of duel tax payments.  Its motive is obvious, but the price has proven to be too costly.

We either drift away from this engineered course of “equality” which has been steered through ample doses of “good intentions,” “political correctness,” “gullibility” and the “ignorance” brought about from a misplacement of priorities or our society will continue to crumble.

American motherhood is the glue which binds and strengthens our God Given Country.  Just as our American ladies restrain their husband’s more impetuous actions and tendencies, so it is that the lady of the house is the most “vital” element to child rearing.

May we pause to glance back to saner and more orderly times, when mother and wife ran the show, if only because she did it so naturally well.

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