Charlie Sheen Come Out of the Closet – He’s a Constitutional Republican!

Oh. My. Word.

In a great interview with the very funny Michael Loftus of “the FlipSide” the always-entertaining Charlie Sheen discusses his political views and says some very surprising things.

For example, we learn what Sheen’s Presidential Platform would be if he were running for office in 2016.

  • Combat Veterans as Teachers (I think this is what he means…)
  • 10% Flat Tax
  • Everybody Relax


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Even more surprising is when Sheen outs himself as a Constitutional Republican! In Sheen’s eyes, the founders worked incredibly hard to put together our brilliant Constitution, and it is well worth saving.

He does say that he would ask his father, Martin Sheen, to be his Vice President… which is where I get off the ride. Martin Sheen is an outspoken liberal and he’s already played the president on TV.

However, if it weren’t for the whole “Charlie Sheen seems really crazy” thing… I’d consider voting for him!



You can see the entire episode (and other great Flipside episodes) here!


H/T Joe for America

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