Charlie Rangel to Union Supporters – “The things We Believe in are Spiritual Damn Things!”

Wow. I knew Charlie Rangel was a terrible person and that he was also incredibly corrupt… but I didn’t know how prone he was to saying ridiculously dramatic things. Stupid things, yes… horribly, over-the-top dramatic things… not so much.

Check this out…


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“The things we believe in are spiritual damn things,” insisted Charlie. “You can talk about the union organizing and raising the minimum wage and extensive unemployment compensation, but isn’t that the same thing as talking about someone that’s hungry, that’s thirsty, that’s naked, that’s in prison? All of these things – I’m not preaching – are things that people should be involved in and helping the unions make this a better country.”

“I haven’t heard the church on homelessness, but I have to believe that God didn’t intend for some people to live in luxury and other people to live in squalor,” Rangel explained. “I have to believe that there’s something that connects Americans like us with the Constitution.”


H/T the Daily Surge

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