Charlie Rangel Talks Tough with Israel

Apparently, the corrupt and super-dirty Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is now President Obama’s Consigliore, because he’s been talking to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as though he speaks for the White House.

In a recently passive-aggressive (with an emphasis on aggressive) tweet, Rangel told Netanyahu that if he had a “problem with our POTUS’s foreign policy” he should take it up with Rangel.



Sadly for Rangel and for his handlers in the White House – they have no say over who comes and speaks to Congress. That job falls squarely on the shoulders of the Speaker of the House, Congressman John Boehner (R-OH). It was Boehner who invited Netanyahu, and Netanyahu has every right to speak before the Congress about the dangers of a powerful (and growing more powerful everyday) Iran.

In fact, as a not-so-wise man once said, Rangel should “get off his high horse” because he has no standing to tell the leader of another country what he should do. Why should the leader of Israel condescend to meet with a corrupt criminal representative from a district in New York? Is Netanyahu only speaking to New Yorker from the 13th District? I don’t think so.

The person acting out of turn here is Rangel, and even worse, President Obama. When the leader of one of our closest allies (Israel) comes to speak to Congress… our President should clear his schedule to meet with him. Not to do so is disrespectful, small-minded and just plain stupid. Hmmm… that kind of describes Charlie Rangel too.

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