Charlie Daniels Says Some Surprising things About the Confederate Flag Debate!

The brilliant and talented musician Charlie Daniels has been wowing folks with his musical abilities for years. He’s been able to capture the heart and soul of the Deep South, often speaking directly to the culture and history of those Southerners. He does it so well because he was born and bred in the heart of North Carolina and he has special insight into Southern culture, history, beliefs and more. This past week Daniels chose to speak out on the Confederate flag debate after observing the way the media and the rest of America was discussing the issue. In his editorial for CNS News, Daniels does his best to explain why Southerners can become so passionate about the Confederate Battle Flag and he tries to dispel some myths and legends about the flag…

From CNS News:


The bottom line is that the flag in question represents one thing to some people and another thing to others…

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I was born in 1936, a mere 71 years after the Civil War ended, when the South was looked upon by what seemed to be a majority of the Northern States as an inbred, backward, uneducated, slow-talking and slower-thinking people, with low morals and a propensity for incest.

This was in the days before television, and about all the folks up North knew about Southerners was what they heard. There were a lot of people who took great pleasure in proliferating the myth, and some still do it to this day.

As you might suppose, people in the South bitterly resented this attitude of superiority, and in some quarters the words “damn” and “Yankee” became one word. And a somewhat fierce type of Southern pride came into being.

US Flag and Confederate FlagThe Confederate battle flag was a sign of defiance, a sign of pride, a declaration of a geographical area that you were proud to be from.

That’s all it is to me and all it has ever been to me.

I can’t speak for all, but I know in my heart that most Southerners feel the same way.

I have no desire to reinstate the Confederacy. I oppose slavery as vehemently as any man, and I believe that every human being, regardless of the color of their skin, is just as valuable as I am and deserves the exact same rights and advantages as I do…

Unfortunately, the Confederate battle flag has been adopted by hate groups – and individuals like Dylann Roof – to supposedly represent them and their hateful view of the races.

Please believe me when I say that, to the overwhelming majority of Southerners, the flag represents no such thing, but is simply a banner denoting an area of the nation and one’s pride in living there…

I lived through the useless cruelty of those days and did not get my feelings out of some sensitivity class or social studies course, but made my own decisions out of experience and disgust.

I hold no ill feelings and have no axes to grind with my brothers and sisters of any color. The same God made us; the same God will judge us; and I pray that He will intervene in the deep racial divide we have in this nation and make each person – black or white – see each other for what we truly are, human beings. No better, and no worse.

It’s time to do away with labels: Caucasian-American, African-American, Asian-American, Native American and so forth.

How about just a simple “AMERICAN”?



Read Charlie Daniels entire piece at CNS News…

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