Chamber President and Navy Vet Resigns Over Gun Raffle

Matt Leonard,  21-year Navy vet and also the current President and CEO of the Lewiston Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce in Lewiston, ME, has resigned of his position. The reasoning? There was a big fall out after the chamber decided to raffle off a gun…an AR-15 to be exact.

On November 8, or Election Day, an email was sent out by the chamber. It announced a gun raffle, but then the next day, the raffle was suddenly cancelled.

This happened because the board of directors had not fully vetted the details of the raffle. However, the email was sent anyway.

Leonard explained what happened to Lewiston-Auburn Sun-Journal in an interview:

Certainly, there was no intent to release that on Election Day or election week. Part of my roles and responsibility here is to have an understanding of the political environment, have a pulse. I certainly am cognizant of the fact that that was the absolute worst time to send that. It wasn’t intentional. Unfortunately, it went out, and it really struck a nerve with many of our members and members of the community.

Chamber member Joseph Cimino said…

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