Chamber of Commerce Goes Gay Throws Member Under the Bus!

For years conservatives have been duped into believing the Chamber of Commerce was a conservative organization. This is not true. Consider the following:

“The Chamber of Commerce has long been thought to be an ally of the GOP, by and large. They have made it clear during the course of the current fight for the soul of the GOP, however, that they are mostly an ally of crony capitalism and corporate welfare and those who enable it, and committed opponents of grassroots conservatives. The Chamber of Commerce pumped massive amounts of money into Mississippi on behalf of the execrable and race baiting pudding enthusiast Thad Cochran, helped Mitch McConnell defeat Matt Bevin, have publicly undermined Ted Cruz at every turn, and are [backed] Pat Roberts over Milton Wolf in Kansas [in the 2014 Senate race]. The Chamber has clearly indicated that politically, they are most interested in backing candidates who will keep the government spigots for corporate welfare turned ON.”

It’s like almost everything in politics – “Follow the Money.”

It shouldn’t surprise us that the Chamber of Commerce “has funneled millions of dollars into pro-Common Core organizing and propaganda” as well as amnesty.

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It’s no different when it comes to an issue like same-sex sexuality rights, euphemistically called gay rights.


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