Celebs Finally Get a Black Victim & White Murderer in the SF BART System

For the fashionable left, John Cowell was the great white hope for their black victim narrative. It is tragic that the young woman Nia Wilson was mudered, but it is also tragic that her death is being exploited for a fairy tale.

After years of murders and other crimes they finally got a black victim to prove what “always” happens.

For the fashionable left, John Cowell was the great white hope for their black victim narrative. It is tragic that the young woman Nia Wilson was mudered, but it is also tragic that her death is being exploited for a fairy tale.

The Daily Caller reports, “Celebs Turn Murder Into Call For Social Justice.

It’s a story that “represents all of the failures of San Francisco policies in one crazy, violent nutshell,” CNN commentator John Phillips told The Daily Caller.

He was referring to a recent spate of killings in the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system in Northern California: 3 murders in 5 days.

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And one of those murders has become a national story about race and social justice as much as a local story about crime and safety.

Nia Wilson, an 18-year-old African-American, was stabbed to death at an Oakland BART station on Sunday. Police arrested 27-year-old suspect John Cowell on Monday, a white man described as a recently paroled robber with a history of violence and homelessness. There is no indication that the two knew each other.

Police have said they were not ruling out race as a factor in the stabbing.

However, police have not described the race of the other two murder victims. The suspect in the killing of 47-year-old Don Stevens is an African-American man. Police arrested 20-year-old Abdul Bey in the killing of 51-year-old Gerald Bisbee.

But the killing of the African-American teen has become a social justice issue, as the Hollywood Reporter ran an article on Thursday headlined: “Hollywood Stars Invoke ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Mourning Murder of Nia Wilson.”

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Here’s Anne Hathaway’s post on Instagram that’s typical of Hollywood:

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The murder of Nia Wilson- may she rest in the power and peace she was denied here- is unspeakable AND MUST NOT be met with silence.  She is not a hash tag; she was a black woman and she was murdered in cold blood by a white man. White people- including me, including you- must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS.  White people DO NOT have equivalence for this fear of violence. Given those givens, we must ask our (white)selves- how “decent” are we really?  Not in our intent, but in our actions?  In our lack of action? Peace and prayers and JUSTICE for Nia and the Wilson family xx Note: the comments for this post are closed. #blacklivesmatter #antiracist #noexcuse #sayhername #earntherighttosayhername

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Additionally, BART is so notorious for Black-perpetrated crime, that powers-that-be applied outright censorship. Thus, Breitbart reported, “Memo: BART Withheld Crime Data to Protect Minorities from Criticism.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill argued in a July 7 memorandum to BART’s board of directors that the agency wanted to avoid the “disproportionate elevation” of crimes that “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color.” She also reportedly said that criticism of the agency’s decision to withhold crime information was “generated for the benefit of media themselves,” and said that crime on BART was lower than in some of the surrounding communities.

The leaked memorandum will add fuel to public controversy over a slew of mass robberies on BART trains.

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Here’s some footage of all that White Privilege that Anne Hathaway complained about:

This next incident happened as a passenger left the BART area so we got footage of the perps from the security cameras of another business. If this had happened on BART cameras, we wouldn’t get to see it.

Nia Wilson’s death was unjust. But to make it a story of all black people living in fear of violence from whites is pure deception.

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