Celebrities and their Stupid Opinions on Terrorism

In the past Bono has been a charitable rock and roller.  But he has only given money not emotion or empathy.
Now the real Bono comes out when he states that jokes could combat ISIS, “I think comedy should be deployed.” That Bono could even relate comedy to horrendous deaths is disgusting.
Bono crudely suggests that “the Senate send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock and …Sacha Baron Cohen….”
He ridiculously suggests that if you laugh at terrorists instead of speaking violence that you take away their power.
Yeah, crack a joke to Isis and the decapitated heads will reattach themselves to the necks, the drowned will breathe seawater like fish and the burned in cages will become hot dogs.
Perhaps he wants to turn the other cheek so that he can get scars on both sides.
Laughter does not take away terrorists’ power.  It takes away our power to find retribution.

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