CBS News: Trump Network Scammed Vulnerable People

CBS News has just released a new hard-hitting piece that calls the morals and ethics of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump into question.

In a piece that focuses in on the failed “Trump Network” business venture, CBS explains how a business associated with the billionaire mogul cost many Americans their hard-earned money.

A CBS News investigation unravels controversy over a Donald Trump business venture. With the Trump Network, the billionaire pitched a “recession-proof” opportunity during the economic downturn in 2009. The Trump Network relied on participants to sell health supplements and other products, person to person.

The concept wasn’t revolutionary. Companies like Mary Kay have sold products through what’s called multi-level marketing for years. Those at the top tend to reap the most benefits. One person recruits three friends who recruits three friends, and so on down the line.

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CBS explains how the Trump Network “scammed” thousands of people out of their money before it eventually collapsed amid its own financial problems. They also explain how the company lied about the credibility of their products, and the endorsements of important experts who supposedly recommended those products. The investigation even showed Mr. Trump explicitly endorsing the Trump Network products, even as his lawyers argue that he did no such thing.

While the news about another failed business venture and the people hurt by unethical business practices will likely not damage Mr. Trump’s standing with his own supporters, it will add more problems to his campaign as they try to win more voters to their cause. Almost 70% of American voters already say that they have an “unfavorable” opinion of Mr. Trump, and this latest story will do nothing to help his standing. (In fact, Mr. Trump’s numbers are so bad that they are actually helping to make President Obama more popular!) However, the story may play a role in hurting his chances with winning over any voters who remain undecided.

What do you think? Will the story about the Trump Network pass unnoticed by America, or will this have an effect on Donald Trump’s attempt at winning the White House?

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