Caught on VIDEO: Armed Intruders Break in House…Armed Resident Responds

Friday morning around 4:00, three men – some of whom were armed – barged in through one of the doors of an Atlanta resident’s house. The resident’s co-worker was over for work-related reasons, and when she heard the commotion, she sprung into action, wielding a handgun.

The whole episode was caught on surveillance camera that was set up inside the house. The resident’s co-worker unloaded all the rounds from her gun into the intruders’ direction, sending all three of them out the door. One of the intruders even jumped through a glass door. Two intruders are still on the loose, and a third one died from his gunshot wounds in the driveway.

After the gunfight, the homeowner can be seen calming down his housemate and taking the gun away.

In an interview with Channel 2, Gwinnett County Cpl. Dean Washington reacted to the incident: “She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property.” He added: “It’s not common that we receive this caliber of surveillance video showing the crime unfold, an actual home invasion.”

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Washington hopes that the surveillance video will also lead to their being able to capture the two remaining suspects: “They’re not wearing anything on their faces so we’re highly anticipating someone watching the evening newscast will recognize these people.”

See the surveillance footage here:


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