Carson’s Muslim Concerns Matter

The media’s reaction to Dr. Carson’s correct analysis that a Muslim is incapable of being an American President since our Constitution is antithetical to his beliefs was sadly predictable.  It was a mixture of “how dare he said this” and glee for finally grabbing onto what they perceive is a provocative statement.  One which also may cause a tarnishing of his reputation.  It is now the media’s mission to incite the public’s ire regarding the offensive nature of the Doctor’s proposition.

In a nutshell, our media fully realizes the close proximity of Carson’s belief against electing a future Muslim with our current state of affairs.  Carson’s statement, on its own merit, is fundamentally sound and Constitutionally correct.  However, as much as the media rants and raves, their intention is to distance the current administration which, given its record, if it’s not pro Muslim it certainly has been anti-American.

Also, it’s understandable that media talking heads would circle the wagons and target their fire and brimstone onto the one individual who they deem is the next in line to eliminate.  Since Carson’s campaign is a formidable presence, any pretense will do.

Yet, through all this fuss, Carson provides a very important detail, which, as usual, has been given a blind press eye.  If in fact Obama is not a Muslim, then explain all his high level vacancies which mostly have been filled with Muslims.  This disturbing fact has received minimal coverage.

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ben carsonAside from the religious context, another point embedded with Carson’s statement is the necessary degree of allegiance from one who practices Islam.  How is it possible to remain loyal to one’s diverse religious tenets, while at the same time enforce, protect and defend our Constitution?  So, the impossibility voiced by Carson is simply a basic fact.  Yet, as the media diverts the public, this contention of loyalties is being played out daily.

After nearly seven full years, this President has consistently supported and enacted policies which are detrimental to the American people and also to our country’s well being.  This may seem to be a harsh summation but the facts are hard to dispel.

His record is as long as it is anti-American.  His policies usually bounce between un-American, socialistic or just plain pro Muslim.  Much of his agenda is enacted on the simple theory that he is who he is and whether one likes it or not, even if it counters with our Constitution, it will be done based upon his say so.  These are not the features of a Representative Republic.

In the beginning, Obama enacted a “stimulus” package, promoted to re-employ American workers and upgrade our Country’s infrastructure.  After spending close to a trillion dollars, and without of any appreciable results, Obama laughed it off with his comment that, “I guess those jobs weren’t a “shovel ready’ as we thought.”  That’s one expensive chuckle.

His healthcare travesty was just that.  He will be forever remembered with his lying, “you can keep your doctor if you want to,” and “the average family savings will be $2500 a year.”   In the interim, horror stories have emerged about through the roof monthly payments and onerous deductibles. In addition, his “free” healthcare legislation reduced the forty hour work week down to a maximum of thirty hours.

This is all very well known now, but to think — Obama was re-elected!  And directly preceding his re-election, a night in Benghazi added to America’s horrendous September ninth history.  It began with the Battle of Brandywine during the Revolutionary War when George Washington’s forces were bested by the British as they marched to capture Philadelphia.  Secondly, it was the Muslim manned New York City attack which took the lives of 3000 Americans in 2001.

While the first was the result of a battle lost and the second by a terrorist attack, which, until that day, was just unheard of, the last was a design to ensure Obama’s re-election and which knowingly would cost American life.  It was unknown just how many lives would be lost but apparently, judged but their callous disregard, the numbers meant little when compared to being re-elected.

These particular events of the Obama Administration are just a few of his many questionable decisions and policies which have adversely affected our Country.  There is no remorse, no reconsidering, there is only this “I am the President” state of mind.

No, at this point, I think that Dr. Carson’s belief has been sadly validated through a very high cost.  And its relevance not only pertains to future elections but it also serves as a reflection of our most recent two.  The evidence, while overwhelming, will never be submitted for public review.  What is publicly released appears through piece meal reporting and at seemingly unconnected intervals.  As such, the dots never seem relevant, without any need for connecting.

In addition to this foreign type of Presidency, the culpability of our press has been documented with their dismal and halfhearted interest.  This is evidenced by a lack of proper coverage, which is in conjunction with their blind eyed Obama support.

For all that didn’t and doesn’t matter to this current commander-in-chief, so it is with our mainstream media.  Only now, they want to engineer public interest onto their choice for the republican nomination!  Lovely!

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