Carly Fiorina Rips the TSA in Hilarious Yelp Review!

That Carly Fiorina is one smart cookie and one entertaining candidate for President. She has spent the last few months raking Hillary Clinton over the coals and revving up voters all across the country. She’s finally starting to see the fruit of all that hard work with a recent steady rise in the polls. She’s now pulling in about 6 – 7% in the polls, which puts her firmly into 7th place but within striking distance of 2nd. That is truly saying a lot about her campaigning skills.

Now this brush with the Transportation Security Administration and Yelp may serve to endear her even more to conservative voters who have a long history of hating the TSA.

The federal government has recently concluded a deal with Yelp that will allow average Americans to review government agencies in an effort to give feedback that the government can use to improve their agencies. Thus far it seems to be backfiring…

An astute Carly Fiorina seems to be the first major political candidate to jump at the opportunity to give the federal government some constructive criticism — and it is spectacular.


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