Carly Fiorina Decimates Hillary Clinton with One Simple Argument

I am very frustrated with my fellow conservative voters right now. Why, you ask? Because as of July 29th Carly Fiorina is running 14th in the GOP nomination race and will likely not be in the first big debate on Fox News. I won’t argue about who shouldn’t be in front of her (Trump, Bush, Carson, Huckabee, Christie, Kasich…) but I will argue that she should most assuredly be in the top 10 and maybe even the top 5 of candidates! Now, this is not an argument I would have made 6 months ago, but since the campaign has begun, Carly Fiorina has been a relentless and effective campaigner. However, her greatest hallmark and the reason that she should be rewarded with a spot on the debate stage is that she has put almost constant pressure on the Democrat, Hillary Clinton, and not on her fellow GOP candidates!

Since the beginning of the campaign Fiorina has poured withering criticism down on Hillary Clinton while contrasting herself (and her superior candidacy) against the Democrat frontrunner. Fiorina has taken every Clinton stand, comment and philosophy and torn them apart on national TV and radio. Fiorina has been a wonderful example for all of her fellow GOP candidates on what to say and when to say it, as it pertains to Hillary Clinton.

For all of this she should be rewarded.

She recently produced even more evidence that she should be in the top tier of Republican candidates when she delivered an excellent speech at the Reagan library earlier this week.

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Once again she took a hammer to Hillary Clinton’s terrible record.

“As Mrs. Clinton now runs for president she likes to talk about her support for human rights, for women’s rights, for democracy. But unfortunately, her actions conflict with her words… Mrs. Clinton personally gave the Russians a ‘reset button’ just as the human rights situation, in that country, took a drastic turn for the worse. And in Iran, when the green movement demonstrated against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, she went silent. China, Russia, Iran, and terrorist groups such as ISIS — these are the big human rights tests of our time. Women and girls are systematically targeted, subjugated, murdered, raped and sold into bondage. It is the height of hypocrisy for Mrs. Clinton to run for president as a champion of “women’s rights” when her record as secretary of state is so dismal.”



Fiorina also hit Clinton for being so old that she can’t seem to grasp how technology is changing.

And let’s not forget our former Secretary of State told us her private server was protected from hacking because she had two Secret Service agents guarding it. We weren’t worried about your server being stolen, Mrs. Clinton. We were worried about it being hacked. Or worse, used as a back door to hack into the State Department system, which is exactly what appears to have happened at OPM.

The next President must understand technology. She must understand both how to use it to harness the power of our citizenry to challenge the status quo of Washington and to protect and defend our nation.

I’ll leave you with candidate Fiorina’s own argument that she should be the next President of the United States.

We need a President who will see and speak and act on the truth. We need a President who knows that some things are black and white and who will be a clear-eyed advocate for policies formed by principles, not by polls and politics. We need a President who will reassure our allies that we are a friend who can be trusted and who will show our adversaries that we will not be bullied or intimidated.

We must nominate and elect a president who proudly accepts the mantel of leadership that a weary world is eager for us to wear.

I know what such leadership requires. I will recognize dangers with eyes wide open but will also embrace with open arms the enormous opportunities and potential of these amazing times. I am prepared to be a President who will lead the resurgence of this great nation, here at home and around the world.

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