Carly Fiorina Blasts Senile California Governor, says He “Makes No Sense”!

Carly Fiorina is not my favorite candidate when we are talking about political philosophy, but she becomes one of my favorites when we talk about the way she campaigns. Fiorina has worked harder than any other candidate for President over the last few months. She has trained, studied and been preparing for a grueling campaign fight. All of that hard work has been very evident throughout the summer as we’ve watched her campaigning. She has an answer for every question, she’s never flustered and she’s consistently focused her attacks on the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton (even as the other GOP candidates have taken to attacking each other).

That intelligence and preparation was plainly visible on Sunday when Fiorina appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. Fiorina showed her range when Todd focused in on her home state of California and wondered what she thought about the connection between climate change and the droughts in California.

Chuck Todd: In your home state of California, the drought, the wild fires, more evidence is coming up from the scientific community saying climate change has made this worse. Not to say the drought is directly caused by this, but to say it has made it worse.

Carly FiorinaCarly Fiorina: You know what else has made it worse? Politicians. Liberal politicians who stood up for forty years, as the population of California doubled, and said we could not build a new reservoir, and we can not build a water conveyance system. So for forty years, 70% of the rainfall has washed out to sea. That’s pretty dumb when you know you’re going to have droughts every single year. Or every three years lets say.

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This answer pushed Todd to mention that Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) had responded to this criticism recently by mocking anyone who would say such things.

Jerry Brown: I’ve never heard of such utter ignorance. Building a dam won’t do a damn thing about fires or climate change or the absence of moisture in the air and ground of California. If they want to run for president, they had better do eighth grade science before they made such utterances.

But as she has proven many times already in this campaign, Fiorina is up to the task of facing down her critics. Here’s how she responded to Brown’s comments.

Well, that is a lot of insults, but of course it makes no sense what he just said. 

It would be helpful if you are fighting fires, to have more water.
Firefighters in California are having difficulty getting fire right now, so they’re using other means.

It would be helpful to agriculture to have water saved in the good years so you could use it in the bad years.

I’m not denying that California’s air is dry, or that there is a drought, but there is no denying that politicians have made this problem immeasurably worse.

Oh, by the way… Carly is right.

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