Carly Fiorina Assaulted by Condom Throwing Planned-Parenthood Thugs

Who’s really intolerant? The Left. Liberals. Pro-abortionists. Pro-homosexuals. You name the positon, and I’ll name the intolerants.

Go on most college campuses, and you will find a nearly closed system. The Free Speech Movement of the 1960s has become the “No Speech But Approved Speech Movement” of the 21st century.

There are now “speech codes” and designated “free speech zones” on many university campuses.

The people clamoring for free speech in the 1960s used the Free Speech narrative to force open the door to the establishment, and once inside, closed the door behind them. The goal was to gain power so they could keep competing worldviews at bay and shut off all debate. They were immensely successful.

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Today’s “Progressives” have followed in the footsteps of their “Free Speech” predecessors. All contrary speech must be attacked as “hate speech,” “homophobia,” “climate change denial,” or a “war on women.”


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