Caravan Stalls in a Border Impasse

The migrant caravan is stuck for now at a border impasse. The San Ysidro station is overwhelmed and they are making the caravan members wait in .

The border impasse continues because U.S. government employees say they are overwhelmed by the numbers of illegal immigrants applying for asylum in the USA.

The migrant caravan is stuck for now because the San Ysidro station is overwhelmed and they are making the caravan members wait in line.

The immigrants are complaining since the government had plenty of warning. But this is what we American citizens experience every time we go to the DMV to get our license renewed. If South Americans want to come here they should be prepared for what it takes to deal with the government.

The Washington Times reports, “Border standoff: Caravan organizers vow to outlast U.S. government.

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The illegal immigrant caravan has turned into a real standoff in Mexico.

The U.S. government says it’s all full-up at the San Ysidro port of entry and can’t process the caravan participants. They’ll have to wait their turn — or give up and remain in Mexico, or head home to Central America.

Caravan organizers, though, vow to outlast the U.S. government. They say they’re stunned American officials weren’t prepared to handle them, given that the caravan has made front paged news for more than a month. But if it takes waiting in order to get in the asylum line, that’s what the caravan’s participants will do.

At the White House on Monday President Trump showed frustration with the situation, and seemed particularly peeved by photographs and video showing people associated with the caravan straddling the border fence in San Diego, taunting watchful U.S. authorities.

“We’re doing the best we can with it. But we have to have changes in Congress,” Mr. Trump said at a press conference […] where he lamented the people who were able to mount the current fence. “We need a wall.”


Made up chiefly of Hondurans, the participants say they’re fleeing poor conditions at home, including gang violence, and say they deserve asylum in the U.S.

They arrived in Tijuana last week and on Sunday approached the San Ysidro port of entry into San Diego, the border’s busiest crossing, where they planned to formally ask to be admitted. U.S. officials, though, said they didn’t have the capacity to deal with the cases, and told the caravan it would have to wait — or leave.

“The number of inadmissible individuals we are able to process in a day varies based on the complexity of the cases, resources available, medical needs, translation requirements, holding/detention space, overall port volume and enforcement actions,” Customs and Border Protection said in a statement late Monday. “As in the past when we’ve had to limit the number of people we can bring in for processing at a given time, we expect that this will be a temporary situation.”

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