Capitalism: Tyson to Open Marijuana Farm, “Tyson Ranch”

While I do not agree with recreational marijuana use, I cannot deny the medical advantages of the plant.

I also cannot deny the fact that taking advantage of the industry in California, where marijuana is now legal, is simply genius capitalism.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has announced his plans to open his own marijuana farm in the Golden State known as “Tyson Ranch.”

That’s right, Tyson is specializing in cannabith.

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Deadline reports that the “boxing icon and occasional actor broke ground last week to build a 40-acre marijuana farm” ahead of the competition to profit off the new law, which legalizes the production, harvest, and consumption of the formerly illegal cannabis plant for recreational use.

Dubbing it the “Tyson Ranch,” the huge farm sits some 60 miles southwest of Death Valley in the California City desert. The plot of land is said to allow growers to be in full control of the environment, allowing them to grow high-quality produce.

The Deadline reports, “An avid advocate of the medicinal and healing attributes of marijuana, Tyson’s farm will also have a Tyson Cultivation School which will teach growers the latest methods in cannabis production,” the article continued, “Tyson Holistic will run the ranch and will focus on treatment for men and women who have suffered from psychological ailments during military service.”

Tyson Holistic, which is the company Mike Tyson established to manage the facility and its produce, will be comprised of veteran growers. It is also reported to feature a resort, allowing would-be stoners to make camp and live in a smoke-friendly environment.

Beyond cannabis production, the facility will include a store for enthusiast growers, an extraction facility, an edible factory, and an amphitheater.

California legalized marijuana in 2016 following the passage of Prop 64 with 57% of the vote, making it the largest and most populous state to legalize it.

While marijuana is now legal in California, it is still prohibited federally. This means that people cannot take the weed across state lines or bring it onto airplanes.

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